Mary H.

results Sep 05, 2022

I have always been an avid exerciser and try to eat healthily.  About a year ago, after a somewhat stressful year of planning my daughter’s wedding, I began not feeling well after strenuous cardio workouts.  I would feel fine during the workout but afterward would feel so tired and drained that I had to lie down.  I was not doing anything that I had not done for years and had never had this issue.  I began to wonder if something was seriously wrong with me.  Medically I checked out fine, but something was wrong.  Researching online led me to wonder if I had a hormone imbalance of some sort.  I happened to be talking with Ashley Fillmore at the gym one day and mentioned how working out strenuously left me not feeling well for most of the remainder of the day.  Ashley immediately said, ‘You may have a cortisol hormone imbalance’ sometimes referred to as adrenal fatigue.  Although this is not a recognized condition in western medicine (as I was told by my primary care physician), Ashley has studied it at length and has a wealth of knowledge.

I signed up for Ashley’s 6-week wellness program immediately.  All I wanted was to feel well again.  Working out had always been a stress reliever for me and until recently, I had always felt great after a good workout.  I learned SO MUCH from Ashley, particularly about nutrition.  I thought I was eating healthy, but I wasn’t even coming close!  With Ashley’s oversight and instruction I totally changed my nutrition.  I started feeling better within a week…actually maybe within only a few days. A number of her recipes are now staples for my husband and me…they are healthy and delicious!  Ashley also helped me recognize that over-training can throw hormones off balance.  Between changing my nutrition and working out smarter, I feel like my old self again.  I enjoyed working with Ashley and learned so much, I ended up working with her for three 6-week sessions. I’m now on my own and using all that she taught me to workout smarter, eat healthy (for real), and feel great.  Thanks so much, Ashley!

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