Sydney's Testimonial

Sydney is a beautiful mother of two, wife, and now THRIVING at the age of 37 years YOUNG! Read here full testimonial below and how my customized 1:1 coaching program transformed her life. 

1. What made you decide to join the 1:1 coaching? 

I finally leveled with myself and accepted the fact that I simply needed the commitment and motivation from 1:1 coaching to make any significant changes. I’ve never really been overweight, but also never really loved the way my body looked, especially since having kids. I had tried intermittent fasting, keto, and increasing cardio, which provided some results but never felt sustainable.

2. What specific feature did you like most about the 1:1 coaching program?

The customized workouts have been amazing! Coach Kelly tailored them to hit all of my target areas. I was initially worried about making time to get them done, but it’s only taken three 35-minute workouts each week to see real results. I think having the “Big Brother” effect of someone directly monitoring my progress, watching what I eat and how often I exercise, made me want to try harder/behave.

3. What are some of your successes since joining the program? 

I’ve lost 18 lbs and 11+ inches!! I’m fitting into clothes that I almost got rid of because I thought I never would again. I finally feel happy with my body and comfortable in my skin for the first time since having kids. While I respect my body for what it’s done - growing and feeding two babies - things change after childbirth and it’s pretty difficult for a mom to prioritize her own health and fitness. This program has given that back to me and I’m so grateful. 

4. Would you recommend this program to someone else?

YES! 1,000% yes. If you’re wondering about it, just take the leap and make the investment. You won’t regret it because the changes you will make are totally sustainable. This isn’t a quick fix; it’s a permanent fix. Ashley and her team give you the keys to unlock success for your body, and if you commit to the changes, you will see results. 

Listen to Sydney's podcast interview HERE! Since the interview she has gotten stronger, and leaner! She is still thriving and a Metabolic Fix client!

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