Lauren M.

results Sep 05, 2022

Question & Answer with Lauren M.

Q: What do you like about the Wellness Advocate Program?

A: I like that the programs you make for your clients aren’t prescriptive. I feel like I always have an individualized nutrition and workout plan, catered to my goals and backed up by the most current research. My program is always realistic, practical, and unlike a diet, is easy to maintain in the long run. It didn’t just help me reach a short-term goal, but has enabled me to sustain a long term healthy lifestyle.

Q: Does the program offer you the encouragement/support you were hoping for?

A: I’m a pretty self-motivated person, but it was so helpful to have someone to affirm that I was on the right track, and gracefully correct me when I got off track. I always felt encouraged, and felt like I learned something new about health, exercise, or nutrition each time we met.

Q: Do you feel like it’s worth the investment?

A: Yes! I remember coming home from 3 months abroad and feeling so hopeless when I didn’t fit into my wedding dress. Less than 6 months later, I was dancing at my wedding in that same dress, feeling more confident than I ever thought I would. The best part though, was knowing I could feel that way from that point on because of the healthy habits I had formed in the months leading up to the wedding.

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