Kate L.


1) What is one specific feature you like most about my 1:1 coaching program?

The true accountability from Ashley. She is truly there on a daily basis helping to guide your nutrition, fitness, answer questions about food, supplements, fitness technique and above all else she is there for the emotional and mental struggle so many of us have when we want to quit.

2) What are some of the successes you’ve had since you started working with me?

I have been doing this with Ashley for almost two months and I am down pounds, inches, and mental blocks! Hearing her encouragement when in my head I have ruined everything is so helpful for me to keep going. I have never lasted more than a week or two on a “diet” and with Ashley I am prepared to make a true lifestyle change. I am understanding more and more about nutrition and hormonal changes that can come with better diet and exercise habits.

3) Would you recommend this program to someone else?

Absolutely! Anyone that has been struggling with all the diet trends and lack of time/energy for a fitness routine. Ashley literally writes out everything for you. There is no guesswork or coming up with meal ideas on your own in the beginning and she teaches you how to sustain it on your own after your time with her. Women struggling should definitely give her coaching a try.

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