Antoinette J.

results Sep 05, 2022

I have learned so much with Ashley. Everything I thought I knew about food and exercise was all wrong. I never knew that hormones were an issue, but the problems can be fixed. Thanks to this program, I am not starving, and I’m eating better and more.I hated looking at myself in the mirror, and now I love seeing how much my body has changed.

I’m not killing myself with cardio, and yet I’m getting a balanced workout that raises my heart rate. I love that Ashley cares about how my progress is going, and she isn’t greedy with her knowledge. I love that Ashley understands and connects with her clients no matter what program you enroll in. I’m a results-driven person, but Ashley has taught me to focus on my mind and not the scale. I no longer use the scale to value myself. To address the obvious question, have I lost weight? No. But I’m down to a ten from a 12.

I can see my abs; my biceps are solid, I have some sexy calves, I’m getting that sultry back, my glutes are lifted and round, my hourglass shape is visible, and I’m perky! I don’t even care about my weight right now. Of course, I would like to lose some pounds, and now I’m focusing on my nutrition, so I know that weight loss will come.

This isn’t BeachBody; this isn’t keto, this isn’t intermittent fasting, this isn’t juicing, but this is the best program I have ever invested in.

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