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I decided I wanted the Metabolic Fix 1:1 coaching after talking to Ashley on a business mastermind retreat in January.

I told her how frustrated I felt with my metabolism being so up & down because of my history of dieting. Even though I had worked with another fitness coach recently, I still felt like I was stuck in the post-dieting nightmare; I was gaining weight unless I was eating too little, which meant I was losing muscle. So it was a vicious cycle that I didn't know how to get out of.

I told Ashley how I felt really helpless, thinking I was "doomed for life" because of my past dieting mistakes.

Ashley explained that her method would fix my metabolism quite easily. At first I was skeptical, thinking it was just another promise. But as I learned more about her method, her extensive education and client results, a hope was lit in me.

  • Because I wanted to fast-track my results, I chose 1:1 coaching. Also because diet & food can be quite emotional for me, so I wanted the privacy.
  • I was given Coach Kelly as my personal coach, and it was THE BEST experience I've ever had with health coaching! Kelly is not only as knowledgeable as Ashley - she also cares so deeply about her clients & their progress.
  • One feature I loved especially with Kelly was the Voxer support. It's PRICELESS to have your fitness coach in your back pocket, always there to respond when you have a technical question, a mindset wobble or just need some motivation.

My goals when I started the Metabolic Fix program was to be able to eat more (& unrestricted), to gain muscle & strength + to lose belly fat.

After working with Kelly for 6 months, I can say I've achieved ALL of those goals - & some!

  • I have increased my daily calorie intake with over 700KCal! I didn't believe her when she highlighted this to me not long ago, & it's true! I would never have believed this to be possible.
  • And here's the kicker: I've increased my calorie intake that much WHILE LOSING FAT. not only on my belly, but all over! I look & feel way leaner now eating so much more than before I started working with her. I know Kelly has told me almost every time I've taken measurements that inches have gone away, especially around my waist!
  • I'm not just leaner - I've also gained LOADS of muscle mass! Before joining I said I wanted to grow my glutes, & my husband now is like "wow babe, your ass looks amazing!". And I've always been self-conscious that I haven't had hips, making my figure look kinda flat. Thanks to Kelly I have built my hip muscles so much that I feel like I have a whole new figure - with hips! I can't believe it.
  • And of course, I've gained massive STRENGTH. I'm shocking myself at the gym where I've increased weights up to 5x. For me as a petite woman, that's MASSIVE strength gains!
  • I also now have more food freedom than I can remember in my whole life. I meal prep for the work days so things are easy - & the food I get to eat is delicious! So much better than my earlier deprivation. And on the weekends I treat myself & eat whatever I want. I actually really splurged almost 4 weeks when I took a summer holiday, & even though I actually ate a lot of junk food, cake etc - I almost didn't gain any fat! What I did gain was muscles. So when I came back to my normal eating habits, I quickly got leaner than before. How about that?!
  • Something I didn't count on that I've experienced too is a huge increase in my confidence. I had heard people say that getting stronger & building muscle does that, but I never felt it until now. It's true - strong body, strong mind. I've noticed this a lot in my own business as an online business coach. It just feels great to show up now that I feel strong & even more confident.
  • Another unexpected win was that I've got way less ache & sports injuries! Because of my past with dieting, overexercising & stress, I often got injured - especially when I did strengths training. I had actually wanted to start going to the gym for years, but it always ended in an injury, so I had almost given up & was sticking to extensive endurance sports - which I loved but drained my energy, & didn't help keep my weight stable. So a big fear I had when I started working with Kelly was that I'd get workout programs that would get me injured. I had this exact experience when I worked with another fitness coach & it really made me sad, since I love exercising. But Kelly was different: she was so attentive to my starting level, making sure we went slowly to see that my body responded to the workouts. Any time I said I felt pain, she'd help me change it so it wouldn't get worse. Stark contrast to my previous fitness coach who just told me to suck it up & push on, thinking I was lazy! So after working with Kelly for 6 months, I'm now almost pain & injury free! I truly can't say how much this means to me. Getting injured is the worst thing for someone who loves to move, so I'm eternally grateful to Kelly.

As you can tell, I'm pretty sold on the Metabolic Fix program & experience. I can't recommend it enough!

The method is perfect. The training modules are comprehensive. The support is great (even customer support via email). And most importantly - coach Kelly is the best fitness coach I've worked with! Her combo of genuine expertise, care & humor has given me the best experience.

If you want to improve your overall health, metabolism, strength & lose weight in a SUSTAINABLE & ENJOYABLE way - work with Kelly & Ashley!

- Anna Furu, Business Coach for Online Coaches
$2,7 million USD in client revenue

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