98: Client Interview With Kristin- What it has taken for her to lose 17 pounds & over 20 inches sustainably


Have you ever wondered what it truly takes to transform your health and fitness? If you’ve been thinking about your journey and are sick of crash dieting, this episode is for you. We have Metabolic Fix 1:1 coaching client Kristin on the show. She has lost 17 pounds and over 20 inches in the Metabolic Fix 1:1 coaching program. She has maintained her weight loss long-term, and her outlook and mindset have also transformed. You will walk away feeling inspired to take control of your health, and you will learn all about sustainable weight loss and how it differs from the results you get from crash dieting.


  • Where Kristin started her journey 
  • What is so different about this program and how has it helped her reach her goal sustainably 
  • How her mindset has transformed along with her external transformation
  • What does her nutrition and workouts look like now 
  • How to overcome the all-or-nothing mindset


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