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What's Metabolic Fix™ | RISE?

Metabolic Fix™ | RISE is an affordable cancel-anytime monthly membership program for busy Women who are ready to break free from trendy workouts and mass-produced fat-loss programs.

With Metabolic Fix™ | RISE you get professionally designed workouts you can complete at home or in the gym delivered via my premium workout app. You also get full access to my online Client Portal where you will find tons of resources, training, and content that will help you get the results you want. And the best part? You will also join an exclusive community of amazing women full of inspiration and motivation in addition to the knowledge and support of our incredible Co-Coaches!

Whether you want to build muscle, lose body fat, get strong, or just move your body more - Metabolic Fix™ | RISE is the answer. Are you ready for change but are not sure where to start? Do you need real workouts that get results? Do you want unlimited access to resources and support? Are you looking for a COMMUNITY of likeminded women? If you answered YES to any of these questions then Metabolic Fix™ | RISE is a perfect option for you.

So why not give it a try?

Are you tired of...

  • Hopping from workout to workout, diet to diet, hoping something will finally stick?
  • Feeling frustrated when you see other people’s results but can’t seem to get your own?
  • Wandering aimlessly through the gym not knowing where to start or endlessly scrolling through YouTube trying to find a ‘good’ at-home workout?
  • Being your own cheerleader, wishing you had an encouraging accountability partner or two?

If so, I get it! I’ve been there too!

Having the right program (one that is sustainable), the right tools (like an easy-to-use phone app), and the right community (one full of like-minded, supportive women) can make all the difference in the world. And you DESERVE to experience the best.

Metabolic Fix™ | RISE revolutionizes the industry when it comes to getting incredible guidance, dynamic support, and effective metabolism-boosting workouts, all at an affordable price. This cancel-anytime monthly membership is the tool you need to achieve the results you want in 2021 and beyond.

So, What's Included?

Okay Darling, here's everything you get with Metabolic Fix™ | RISE!

Professionally Designed Workouts

I personally provide you a new workout plan every 4 weeks, each designed to effect real and lasting results.  Every month I progress you though science-based programming that is proven to safely and effectively accelerate reaching your goals.  Metabolic Fix™ | RISE will be the last workout program you ever subscribe to!

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Premium Workout App

Get instant access to one of the most powerful tools for your fitness journey. New workout programs automatically populate every four weeks, complete with instructions and detailed exercise demo videos. Quickly log your workouts, right in the app, so you can easily track progress, reach new goals, and break personal bests!

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Exclusive Community of Amazing Women

Join a COMMUNITY of Women all on a similar journey  of change.  You get instant access to a private Facebook group where you connect, find support, and accountability.  Share wins, successes, insight, and advice.  Got questions?  You now have a community of support, and of course, I will be there also, helping guide the way.

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Resource & Support Portal

Changing your body and life goes way beyond eating well and exercising. With Metabolic Fix™ | RISE, in addition to comprehensive workouts, you also get unlimited access to my exclusive resource portal full to the brim with amazing nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle tools and systems, right at your fingertips. As a member, you’re also encouraged to stay motivated with fun challenges, prizes, discounts, and giveaways!

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Exactly What You Can Expect

What Real Clients are Saying about Metabolic Fix™ | RISE

Metabolic Fix™ | RISE Is For You If...


You're ready for change, but not sure where to start

Do you want to improve the way you look and feel and need some help getting started? Metabolic Fix™ | RISE is a perfect place to begin your fitness journey and will help you build a strong and sustainable fitness foundation. Ready to get strong, lose inches, or just feel better? Whatever your goals - the intelligent, science-based programming offered by Metabolic Fix™ | RISE will help you find your fitness and the change you are looking for. 

You get excited about joining a community of amazing Women

It is so amazing to have the support, encouragement, and accountability that comes with joining a GROUP of Women that are all on the same journey of finding their fitness, changing their bodies, building their confidence, and just feeling better!

You're tired of trendy workouts that never seem to work and want expertly designed programs without spending $100s

I guarantee that with a quick Google search you can find hundreds of free or discount workout programs promising success. The problem is that after a few weeks you will be searching again when they don't work. Tired of spinning your wheels? Metabolic Fix™ | RISE is different, delivering maximum results, easier than ever before. The workouts are professionally designed using advanced training principles that are proven to safely and effectively help you reach your goals. You can finally have confidence that your workouts will, well, work - and at a price that won't break the bank.

You’re not quite ready for the time or financial commitment of one-on-one coaching

One-on-one coaching requires a significant personal and financial commitment that may not be perfect for you right now. And that’s okay! If you’re not ready to dive into the deep end with 1:1 coaching but you’re craving the results that professional-level support can provide, dip your toes into Metabolic Fix™ | RISE.

Hello, I'm Ashley!

As an entrepreneur, business-woman, fat-loss coach, wife, mother, and friend – I understand we all have so much on our plate these days. I know how overwhelming finding the best approach to sustainable fat-loss and weight-loss can be.  I have personally struggled finding this balance as well and am dedicated to helping other women prioritize exercise and nutrition to finally break through their barriers and lose weight for good.

Let's take the next step together!


Expertly designed workouts, every 4 weeks...

The workout programming you will receive with Metabolic Fix™ | RISE is the best available.  I personally design every workout using advanced techniques that are guaranteed to get results.  In addition to getting new programs every four-weeks I will cycle you through focused programming like fat-loss, strength, de-loading, metabolic conditioning, and so much more!

Science-Based Approach

I use proven, science-based tools and techniques to deliver you results, consistently. 

The Most Effective Programming Available

By utilizing a compound-cycling approach, you will receive workouts optimized for results, every 4 weeks.

Safely and Intentionally Maximize Your Results

Injuries can set you back months. Never receive careless workouts that risk your health and safety again.

The most powerful workout app, just for you...

Your new workout app is custom-designed to deliver my most effective workouts to your fingertips. This workout app has everything you need to kill it in the gym OR crush your workouts at home! You can also track your progress, sync to your fitness trackers, and push your limits. Try it once and you will wonder how you ever worked out without it.

Your Plans, Progress, and Performance

Get a comprehensive training calendar delivered every four weeks. Then let the app do the rest by tracking your progress and personal bests.

Step by Step Guide and Exercise Tutorials

Never feel confused about an exercise again! With real-time, in-workout demos, you’ll have complete confidence with every single rep.

See Your Improvement Over Time

This amazing app tracks your performance and shows you how far you've come through amazing trending and analysis.

A private community of amazing women...

Becoming a Metabolic Fix™ | RISE member gives you access to an amazing community of Women all on the same journey of self-improvement AND amazing Co-Coaches ready to help you succeed. The benefits of having an entire GROUP supporting you, helping you problem solve, helping breakdown barriers, and giving you the accountability and encouragement when you need it most can't be overstated. We are in this together!

Connect With The GROUP

Connect with your Co-Coaches and other women! Become inspired to reach your full potential with the full support of the Metabolic Fix™ | RISE community.

Get Amazing BONUS Content

Not only will you connect, but you will get access to exclusive content I only make available to the private group. Masterclasses, live training, zoom calls, and so much more is at your fingertips.

Lasting Accountability and Support

Having a group to hold each other accountable is one of the most effective self-improvement hacks there is. So is having the encouragement and support you need, when you need it. You have all of the above with this amazing Metabolic Fix™ | RISE community.

Nutrition, lifestyle, mindset & so much more...

But wait...there’s more! In addition to the workouts and community, you’ll also get instant access to an exclusive members-only resource portal that delivers TONS of content so you can dial in your nutrition, improve your mindset, and skyrocket your success! With value-packed content published every single month, you will always have the resources and support you need to be successful.

Access Unlimited Resources and Support

Unlimited access to all content for as long as you are a Metabolic Fix™ | RISE member!

Continuously Updated Content

This is not a 'one time only' thing. I continuously publish new and relevant content every month.

Exclusive Challenges, Offers, and Specials

This is where you will also receive exclusive community challenges, special offers and discounts, and even prizes and giveaways for Metabolic Fix™ | RISE members only!

Your very best health is ready and waiting. All you have to do is say, YES!

Two Great Ways to Sign Up!

To help make things work best for you, there are two different ways to sign up for Metabolic Fix™ | RISE.  You can join this cancel-anytime membership for $47/mo. OR you can pay-in-advance and get 3-months of Metabolic Fix™ | RISE for only $112 (that's more than 20% OFF!).

You're worth it, Beautiful.  Let's do this together!


What's Metabolic Fix™ | RISE?

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