Misty's Testimonial


Ashley has been there 100% of the time for me, and she provided something no other coach has ever been able to before…

My experience with Ashley was not my first experience with a nutrition coach. I recently worked with a well-known nutrition coaching company that promised the world. However, their promises were based on expensive supplements and rigid adherence to their meal plans which changed all the time. Sometimes I was eating under 1200 calories, and sometimes, I was eating 2300 calories.

After one year with them, I had put on 15 pounds and felt worse than when I started. When I asked them what I was doing wrong, I was told I was accused of not following their meal plans and was also told I needed to take thousands of dollars in tests, including a brain scan and lipedema specialist, if I truly wanted to get the root cause. When I had enough, I ended my contract with them and immediately messaged Ashley(I had been following her for some time, and her story was so much like mine I just knew she was the one to help).

When I started with Ashley, I took all but a couple of supplements out of my regimen, and she devised a plan to reverse my calories up very slowly. For me, the mindset was everything because I knew how to eat quality foods, how to exercise consistently, and how to rest when my body needed it.

I did not know how to watch my weight fluctuate up and down and not freak out! Ashley has been there 100% of the time for me, and she provided something no other coach has ever been able to before.
She listened and helped me work through my negative feelings and thoughts.

She assured me that my body was doing what it needed to heal.
She didn’t tell me I needed another supplement or a different meal plan.
At present, we have upped my intake by 400 calories. I have more energy, my workouts are better, and I am happier. Oh, and my weight is only up 1 pound!

Before Ashley, I had not worked with a nutrition coach I fully trusted. They all seemed to follow a formula or a sales pitch. But Ashley was different. She truly cares about her clients. I am so happy to have trusted my gut and gone with Ashley because she has changed my life.

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