Mandi C.

results Sep 05, 2022

My weight has always been an issue for me. I’ve done different diet plans and even worked with some nutritionist before. But nothing I had done was truly a sustainable approach and after some success, my food intake would revert back to my ol’ habits and the weight would come back on. Then I tried one of Ashley’s free workout programs “Fit in Fifteen” and I loved her approach to the workouts and she just seemed like there was something different about her approach! She seemed truly real and down to earth.

So I reached out and decided to start working with her 1 on 1. I travel a lot for work and therefore eat out a lot. It makes it really hard to stay on most cookie cutter meal plans, as there is no one to talk to in the moment when you can’t figure out what to eat. I’ve sent her links to restaurants I am planning to go to, or even told her the cities I’m headed to and she has helped me ensure I pick good healthy foods and that I know what to avoid no matter where I’m at.

While for some people its tough to fit in their workouts in their busy lives, that isn’t the issue for me. I love to workout and I have a great group of close friends. So the workouts were my issue, its was my nutrition! However, as we started this journey together Ashley and I started to realize that one of my issues was likely OVERLOAD! With this overload to my system, a slight hormonal imbalance was happening which was affecting my weight loss as well as my sleep!

So we have had to find a balance, which is always tough. But I truly appreciate all the time she has put in to understanding me, my lifestyle, my hobbies and what it is that truly brings joy to me. I LOVE working out with my friends, but the types of workouts we were doing just weren’t going to get me the results I was looking for. So we have worked closely together to balance things out! I still get to workout and run with my friends a few days a week, but I am also focusing on MYSELF and doing what is best for me the other days of the week. Before working with Ashley I really didn’t allow myself a REST day. Between my workouts, teaching fitness classes, running and playing Coed Softball, I didn’t give my body any true Rest Days, and my weight was reflecting this!

Over the past 12 weeks with Ashley I’ve changed the workout focus from “what else can I do” or “when can I fit that in” to “what is best for my goals” “How can I increase fat loss”  “When am I going to REST this week”! I have also changed my approach to food from, “what can I cut out”, to “what is the best choice”. Most meal plans or diets are very restrictive, and not something you can tailor to your lifestyle, however working 1 on 1 with Ashley is different. Not everyone’s body is going to respond the same and not everyone’s lives are the same.

I play on a social softball team, which means weekly I’m out at the bar with me team having fun. Ashley has never told me I can’t do this or I have to stop living my life. Instead we have worked together to find that balance, to find what I CAN have and do while I’m out at the bar that isn’t going to derail all the other hard work I’ve put in the rest of the day/week/month! These past 12 weeks have flown by, but the change in my mindset and approach to workouts, food and even alcohol are going to be things I can truly sustain going forward.

By learning to listen to my body, tapering back my workouts, and approaching my nutrition from a new direction has allowed my body to lose 5 inches overall and 12 lbs over the past 12 weeks. I haven’t reached my goals yet, but I know that I will get there! I defiantly recommend Ashley to anyone that has felt lost in their Fitness/Health Journey. She is so personable, approachable, and truly REACHABLE even without being in the same town. I have traveled halfway around the world and was still able to reach her when I needed her help! If you have been on the struggle bus for a while, or felt like your healthy and weight have been a non-stop roller coaster, then hop off and find a new approach! Ashley will truly help you find that balance and find a simpler way for you to approach your specific journey!

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