Jennifer C.

results Sep 05, 2022

1) What made you decide you wanted to start 1:1 coaching?

I decided to start 1:1 coaching because I’ve had years of gaining and losing the same weight. I currently have hormonal imbalances and was finding it hard to lose any weight and decided I needed a different approach.

2) What is one specific feature you like most about Ashley’s 1:1 coaching program?

I love the support Ashley provides and the weekly check-ins. Her fitness program is incredible, and I love the app. I look forward to doing the workouts and it provides a sense of accountability. I also appreciate how knowledgeable Ashley is and how much she has helped me learn about nutrition and hormone imbalance.

3) What are some of the successes you’ve had since you started working with Ashley?

Since I’ve started working with Ashley, I have lost weight and inches, and I am making much better choices nutritionally. As I continue to work with her, I know I am going to reach my ultimate goal and be able to sustain it and not go back to old habits.

4) Would you recommend this program to someone else?

I highly recommend Ashley as a coach. She is knowledgeable, supportive, understanding, and takes time to get to know you and create a program that is unique to your needs. She will help you create lifestyle changes that will greatly impact your health and wellness.

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