Hillary K.

results Sep 05, 2022

If you are still considering working with Ashley or not sure how her program is going to be different from past coaches or nutrition plans you have tried in the past, my answer to you is this:

Signing up to work with Ashley is going to be completely different than any other program you have done before. Ashley dedicates real time so you can review your patterns to make changes that work permanently. Ashley shows you ways to be accountable, while also being compassionate to yourself throughout the process. There is nothing more personal and emotional than changing your nutrition, hormones and fitness. If you are like me, you have been looking outside yourself to try and find a plan that is finally going to work. When we inevitably fail, the cycle begins by beating ourselves up and then repeating horrible cycles that keeps you in the same place you started. Ashley helps you look at your unique challenges and lifestyle realistically, so you can really find what is right for you.I lost 30 lbs working with Ashley. Not in physical weight or inches, but towards the heavy “weight load” of my mindset I spent every single day obsessing over food and believing what had worked for me before was going to work again. I finally had that “Ahah moment” when I realized working with her that I need to get OFF a diet, forget counting calories and stop constantly judging if I am being “good or bad”. When you have been on a diet for the majority of your life you don’t trust being off of one. Ashley is the right person to hold your hand so you can learn a new way. If I did not work with Ashley, I know I would be on a diet over and over again for the rest of my life and burned out. Her one on one coaching is the best gift you will give your mind, body and spirit. Every woman deserves to do this for themselves and I am so grateful for the time I invested working with Ashley.

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