Goral V.


My weight loss journey started 8 years ago when my son was a year old. I was almost 180lbs. I have started cardio an hour every day and stop eating after 4:00 pm.  I lost almost 38lbs. But that was not steady weight loss. I started gaining back slowly. I started going to the gym so I can retain that weight. It’s been five years I am going to the gym regularly and I have kept personal trainers and also done many group training. Meanwhile, I tried juice diet and just vegetable diet but I gained almost 20lbs back. Everything worked temporarily for my body and I wanted some permanent solution for this.

I met Ashley a few months ago through a common friend. We discussed my weight and hormone imbalance issues at length. She immediately showed me her life-changing wellness program. After our conversation, I gave a deep thought about doing something different that might help my body. I decided to sign up! After continuing for four weeks with Ashley’s nutrition and customized exercise plan I started seeing the transformation in me and decided to continue six more weeks. I just finished 12 weeks of the program, and in these 12 weeks I got my hormones balanced I feel more strength and energy and also lost 21lbs and 7 inches from my waist. I learned more about macro-nutrition, and how to prioritize my health and wellness. Every other week I had phone conversation with Ashley, who gave me more knowledge about lifestyle change. The transformation what I have seen in my lifestyle and body is huge and decided to continue PŪR FITNESS programs in the future.

I highly recommend Ashley’s programs if you are willing to change your life and want to be happy healthy and fit.

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