Charmaine's Testimonial

What made you decide to join the 1:1 coaching? 

I was ready to start focusing on my health after having two kids and running a business. I knew I needed the accountability of someone seeing what I was eating and whether I was doing my workouts to create the habit. Shortly after joining the program, I found out I was pregnant, which changed the trajectories of my goals, but I knew I wanted to maintain the program to be stronger and eat better. 

What specific feature did you like most about the 1:1 coaching program? 

I loved that the program was tailored for my bodies needs. Within the first couple of weeks I started losing pounds and inches, just from the few initial tweaks to my diet. Having someone tell me what to do was nice to take the questions off of my own plate.

What are some of your successes since joining the program?  

With becoming pregnant, I obviously am not looking to lose weight but the goals shifted to improving my nutrition and getting stronger. My lifts get heavier week to week, I can see muscle definition in my legs that I hadn’t seen since before having kids. I’ve had reduced back pain from strengthening my back and shoulders. Prior to the pregnancy nausea and fatigue, I was less hungry, craving sugar less, and my energy was great!

Would you recommend this program to someone else?

I would absolutely recommend and have recommended this program to so many people. It has felt manageable with a busy life, I’ve seen my kids be more engaged in being active as a result of my own changes, and I’m so much stronger as a result!

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