Metabolic Fix™ | Last Ten

12-Week Fat-Loss Program

Advanced fat-loss and strength training system for women who want to finally lose those last ten pounds…for good!

Lean Out. Get Strong. Feel Amazing.

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Are you tired of...

  • Dieting and exercising consistently and wondering why you just can’t drop those last ten pounds?

  • Subjecting yourself to hours of cardio and intense workout routines that leave you feeling drained all day long?

  • Feeling sluggish, lacking motivation, and unsure what to do next?

  • Knowing deep down there’s something better out there but feeling like you’ll never find it?

Is so, then the Metabolic Fix | Last Ten is for you!

What is Metabolic Fix | Last Ten?

Metabolic Fix | Last Ten is my signature 12-week DIY strength training and fat loss program designed specifically for women with intermediate-advanced fitness knowledge who have been doing everything they can to finally lose those last ten pounds.

This revolutionary results-based program delivers everything you need to lose body fat, build muscle, and take back control over your results, without damaging your metabolism, creating hormonal imbalance, or living in sacrifice and scarcity. At the end of this self-paced program, you will lean out, get strong, and feel amazing, all while losing #TheLastTen.

What People are Saying About Metabolic Fix | Last Ten

Over 1,000 women have experienced #TheLastTen!  What do they think?  Hands-down, the best and most effective 12-week fat loss program available.  


Here is what else my beautiful clients are saying...

After 12-Weeks You Can Expect To...

  • Shed body fat, boost your metabolism, and build muscle in an effective, sustainable way.
  • Understand how to make adjustments to your exercises, as you lean out, so you can safely maintain your results for life.
  • Have all the tools needed to achieve your goals, maintain your body composition, and keep your body in balance for good.
  • Finally discover the proven system to lose the last ten pounds you’ve been desperately trying to shed, once and for all!

Hello, I'm Ashley!

As a fat-loss coach, entrepreneur, wife, mother, and friend, I understand we all have a lot on our plates these days. I know, first-hand, how overwhelming finding the best approach to sustainable fat loss and weight loss can be. I have personally struggled to find this balance as well and after creating a results-based system that works, I am dedicated to teaching women just like you how to prioritize exercise and nutrition so you can finally break through your biggest barriers and lose weight for good!

Let's take the next step together!


This Is For You If...

  • You are familiar with what it takes to eat well and workout consistently, but you just can’t seem to lose the last ten pounds.
  • You want to see lasting change, not just fly-by-night, quick-fix results.
  • You want to lose body fat, get strong, and gain control over your fitness.
  • You are looking for a program that works with your body and its unique needs, not against.
  • You’re ready to ditch the all or nothing, sacrifice and scarcity mindset and see real lifestyle results.

However, if you...

  • Consider yourself to have only ‘beginner-level’ experience with exercise…
  • Are NOT ready to put in the effort necessary to get and maintain results…
  • Have diagnosed hormonal imbalances or metabolic issues, or have 20 or more pounds to lose…

Then Metabolic Fix | Last Ten is not for you, and you should consider one of my other amazing programs.  Simply CLICK HERE to take a short quiz which will help you determine which program is the best fit for you!

You Get All Of this And More!

My comprehensive 12-week workout guide and calendar eliminates confusion and keeps you on track to maximize your results.

Two 6-week progressive workout phases that shape your body quickly and safely. Includes exercise video demos for every exercise!

My collection of signature guides including joint health, overtraining, solving exercise-related health problems, and more.

Get the workout calendar, workouts, video demos, and bonus content all housed inside our easy-to-use online course portal with 24/7/365 access!

The Investment...


Get FULL ACCESS to everything you’ve seen, my workout guide and calendar, two 6-week progressive workout programs (including in-gym and at-home options), exercise video demos, plus bonus content including my advanced collection of signature guides including all things joint health, preventing overtraining, solving simple exercise-related health problems, and more.

ONLY $197 $29

What you did to lose the first 15+ pounds is not the same thing you need to do to lose the last ten. This program gives you the tools you need to finally get the results you’ve been working so hard toward achieving.

This program is the key you need to finally lose #TheLastTen.

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