Metabolic Fix™ | Booty Bands

3 levels of resistance designed to help you sculpt the booty of your dreams.

These durable, colorful, ergonomically-designed booty bands are perfect for all of your at-home or in-the-gym workouts. Non-slip, non-roll, no fuss bands add resistance to help you build and enhance your glutes with ease!

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Designed with a leading expert in resistance band manufacturing!

Our resistance band is designed to be one of the highest quality booty bands on the market.

With unbelievable comfort, extraordinary grip, and advanced resistance technology you’ll never go back to those terrible latex rubber bands that pinch your skin, slip down, roll off, or worst of all, break!

Metabolic Fix™ | Booty Bands

  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Convenient mesh carrying bag
  • 3 levels of resistance (heavy, medium, light)
  • Inner grip strips increase stability
  • Durable, non-snap, heavy-duty material
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for all levels, beginner to professional
  • Non-Slip, Non-Roll, No Pinch, No Fuss
  • Latex-free construction
  • Make a great gift!
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Here’s what real women are saying about Metabolic Fix™ Booty Bands

These booty bands work!

And, because they come in three different resistance levels (heavy, medium, light) you can use these bands for a variety of exercises or easily modify the resistance level as your needs change.

Plus, they’re easy to use both at-home or in-the-gym. Create an entire workout around your bands or simply add these bands to your existing routine for an added boost. You choose!

At-Home, In-the-Gym, or On-the-Go

These Metabolic Fix™ Booty Bands are affordable, built to last, weigh less than one pound, come with their own mesh carrying bag, and make the perfect addition to any woman’s workout routine!

I use these bands in my own workouts and they’re one of the first fitness purchases I recommend to all my new clients.

Metabolic Fix™ | Booty Bands

Made with durable, high-quality fabric which makes your workouts way more comfortable. Plus with non-slip elastic grips on the inside, you know they’ll stay in place, right where they belong!

No more stressing about your bands slipping, sliding, rolling, or snapping!

Perfect over leggings or bare skin. No adjusting, no pinching, no worries!

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