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 Metabolic Fix LIVE

The ultimate 8-week LIVE virtual small group coaching program for women who are sick and tired of the crash and burn of fad diets. It's your time to lose weight, feel great, and take control of your results.



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Did you know that more than half of women who diet end up gaining it all back, plus more? Well beautiful, that all ends TODAY!

 Metabolic Fix LIVE

The ultimate 8-week LIVE virtual small group coaching program for women who are sick and tired of the crash and burn of fad diets. It's your time to lose weight, feel great, and take control of your results.



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Did you know that more than half of women who diet end up gaining it all back, plus more? Well beautiful, that all ends TODAY!

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Tell me if this sounds like you...

  • You’ve been watching every single calorie and tracking all your workout stats but have nothing to show for it except sore muscles and frustration.
  • You’re unsure about what to ‘do next’ so you find yourself up at all hours of the night scrolling the internet trying to find a solution that will finally work.
  • You’ve been hopping from diet to diet (for years), keep losing and gaining the same 10 pounds, and are starting to think something might be ‘wrong’ with your hormones.
  • All you want to do is find a simple solution that allows you to do the things you like with the people you love while getting long-lasting results and finally feel comfortable in your own skin.

Metabolic Fix LIVE is the results-based system you need to lose the fat and keep it off for good!

What is the Metabolic Fix LIVE?

Metabolic Fix LIVE is a 8-week live group coaching program designed for women who are tired of yo-yo dieting and spinning their wheels chasing after results. Inside this evidence-based program, you will get everything you need to ditch the diet mentality, begin losing weight, maximize your metabolism, and navigate the mindset shifts that create lasting success so you can finally reach the health results that diet culture have kept out of your reach. At the end of this program, you will have the rock-solid foundation and tools you need to get the fat loss results you want.

If you’ve been looking for hands-on coaching in a supportive group environment THIS IS IT! 

My high-access 1:1 fat loss coaching clients invest thousands of dollars over the course of 6-12 months to get the kind of support and guidance they need to get the results they deserve. Inside Metabolic Fix LIVE you get all my trainings, tools, and resources, access to my enhanced Macro Blueprint system, WEEKLY TRAININGS, LIVE Q&A SESSIONS, plus real-time live coaching support inside our exclusive online group forum. This is the most cost-effective way to get expert guidance and comprehensive access to my proprietary training methods…all for less than the cost of your last Target run.


Imagine how incredible it will feel when you can finally stop obsessing over food, lose weight while still enjoying cheese, chocolate, and wine, experience increased energy and mental clarity, reduce your cravings, eliminate emotional eating, improve gut issues, and be in total control of your food choices and results once and for all.

How would that make you feel?

I want to let you in on a little secret…

It’s not your fault you’re not getting the results you want. There are three things working against you right now that you may not even realize:

You’ve been told you have to eat 1,200 calories a day (or less!) to lose weight.

The 1,200 calories a day diet phenomenon has been around forever. And yes, if you drop from a high caloric intake to a low one, you will see some pretty immediate results. But those results will not last. Any diet that suggests that everyone, no matter their age, weight, or health conditions, should eat 1,200 calories a day (or less) is destined to stop working. Most people need more than 1,200 calories a day to be healthy and many people can still lose weight eating well over that goal. You included!

You’ve been told you must exercise for hours each day to get your body to burn calories.

Exercise and movement are great but you can have too much of a good thing. Extreme exercise, especially rigorous and prolonged cardio sessions, can do damage to your hormones. This means a slowed-down metabolism. Yikes! Plus, 2-3 hour long daily exercise sessions are not at all sustainable for most women. Moderate exercise focusing on strength training is all you need to hit your goals. Really! 

You’ve been told that it’s ‘all or nothing’ and that your success is solely based on your discipline.

How many times have you fallen off a diet and given yourself a stern talking to in the mirror about your, ‘lack of discipline’ or asked yourself, ‘where’s my willpower’? Diet culture tells us that if we can’t hack it (that terribly restrictive, unhealthy, designed to make you fail fad diet) we’re simply not disciplined enough. Real results don’t come from an all or nothing mindset. You’re human. It doesn’t have to be so hard and you’re not a failure. There is a sustainable, balanced, easy way to do this. I’ve found it and I want you to have it too!

I get it, Beautiful.

It IS hard. I’ve been there too.

For years I was obsessed with my body image. I was a yo-yo dieter, jumping from crash diet to crash diet., hopping on whatever trend promised to get me results, quick!

I had no idea that each time I dropped my calories too low or cut out entire food groups that I was damaging my metabolism, skewing my cortisol levels, or throwing my estrogen way off balance. Sure, the crash diets helped me lose a few pounds, but at a significant cost to my health.

And the worst part? These diets weren’t even sustainable. The weight always came back.

Several years ago I hit an all-time low. It took straining my relationship to the breaking point, struggling to start a family, and experiencing extreme burn-out to finally understand the damage I was doing and seek out ways to get my health back.

After years of reverse dieting, healing my hormones, and finding a sustainable approach to health and fitness, I am now on the other side, healthy, happy, stress-free and yes, lean too!

Armed with this experience PLUS years of formal education, and with two beautiful daughters by my side, I’ve now dedicated my entire business to helping women like you find the best version of yourself and overcome many of the same challenges I also faced, not that long ago.

It is my mission to help you prioritize your health, improve your mindset, and find your best-self by sharing comprehensive systems that actually work.

My name is Ashley Fillmore, and I am your Metabolic Fix LIVE coach!

Join Today for One Payment of Only $497
Join Today for Two Payments of Only $255
Secure Your Spot Today (No Obligation)!

Introducing Metabolic Fix LIVE: the go-to group coaching program for women who have tried everything to lose those stubborn pounds and inches.

What makes Metabolic Fix LIVE different from all the other fat loss programs out there?

There are no meal plans, across the board set macro percentages, or cookie-cutter exercise routines. Metabolic Fix LIVE teaches you how to customize your nutrition plan to hit your goals.

My proprietary Macro Blueprint System online macro calculating tool is designed to help you determine your ideal macros with ease. This one-of-a-kind tool is unlike all the one-size-fits-all macro calculators out there because it takes into account who you are, where you are, and where you want to be, rather than simply spitting out random numbers.

In addition to weekly trainings, LIVE Q&A sessions with me, and the daily support and accountability within our private group, you’ll also get access to The Client Roadmap, a comprehensive fat loss course, five related digital courses including an all-access pass to our Metabolic Fix Success Multiplier, plus, weekly checklists, guides, program assessments, and more to keep you engaged and on track.

At the end of our 8-weeks together you will...

  • Know what to eat for your goals and how to adapt those needs based on your own personal progress.
  • Know EXACTLY how to lose fat and maintain your results while keeping your hormones happy.
  • Feel stronger, leaner, more energized, and have complete control over your nutrition and fitness choices.

No more hopping from fad diet to fad diet. No more feeling sluggish. No more going to bed hungry. It’s all been replaced with clarity, confidence, and control.

Here’s how we are going to get there together…

Metabolic Fix LIVE is a 8-week signature small group coaching program that includes:

  • 8-week comprehensive Digital Course
  • Weekly trainings
  • LIVE Q&A sessions
  • 8-weeks of workouts + exclusive access to my premium workout app
  • Access to my enhanced Macro Blueprint System
  • Sample meal plans + recipes with all macro details
  • Private Facebook group for coaching & support
  • Resources, support, and lots of BONUS content
  • Weekly challenges, self-assessments, and TONS more
  • One full year of access to the complete eCourse!

So, what EXACTLY will I be teaching you?

Let’s take a sneak peek at some of the AMAZING modules:


Metabolic Fix – The Fundamentals
We’ll talk all things metabolism (what is it, why we need it, how to maximize it), food quality, hydration, resistance training, stress, and sleep. In this module, you’ll gain a new understanding and perspective on the things that actually matter for fat loss.

Macros and Fat Loss – A Winning Combo
What are macros? Why do we use them? How do we calculate them? How do we track them? How do we get the most out of them? Macros, a healthy and sustainable lifestyle nutrition system, are the cornerstone of the Metabolic Fix LIVE teaching philosophy.

Carbs are NOT the Enemy – Carb Cycling using M3
Discover how to use carbs to your advantage using our Metabolic Macro Matrix (M3) protocol. Everything is on the table, including carbs, and we’ll teach you how to use them to help you burn fat.

Happy Hormones, Happy Human – How Hormones Impact Fat Loss
The key to successful, long-term fat loss is healthy, happy hormones. Your hormonal health is directly impacted by the foods you eat, exercise you do, water you drink, sleep you get, and mindset you have. Here we’ll learn how to identify hormonal imbalances, and how to fix them.

Super Supps – The Good & Bad About Supplementation
Did you know you can maximize your health results with intelligent supplementation? Learn everything from the basics all the way to advanced supplementation, including daily support for hormonal, metabolic, and joint health support.

Over so Soon? – Your Essential Next Steps
Metabolic Fix LIVE is just the beginning. Learn how to maintain momentum, improve your results, stay motivated, and ultimately reach your long-term goals of increased energy, improved health, and sustainable fat loss.


And how about these extra bonuses to help you lose fat faster and maintain your results easier than ever before?

 Dial-moving exclusive bonuses:

  • Exclusive savings on the Metabolic Fix Success Multipliers – my targeted add-on system designed to help you up-level your results featuring 1:1 calls, supplements, diet audits, and more!
  • Instant access to: Macro Cheat Sheets, Hormone Health Guide, Weekly Self-Assessment Tool, Progress Check-Ins, and more!

Plus, we’ll be covering all the Hot Button Topics like:

  • How to end emotional eating
  • The importance of Non-Scale Victories
  • Nutrition hacks, refeeds and treat meals
  • Improving sleep and hydration
  • Reframing limiting beliefs and the importance of self-empowerment
  • The secret to sustainable results
  • And more… (check out the video preview below!)

Who is Metabolic Fix LIVE for?

  • You are sick and tired of wasting precious time and money trying out new programs, then feeling like a failure when they don’t work.
  • You struggle to stay consistent, frequently feel deprived, and tend to blame yourself for your ‘shortcomings’.
  • You’re a busy woman with big responsibilities and even bigger goals who needs a system that is simple, easy-to-follow, and fool-proof.
  • ‘I’ll start over on Monday’ has been your mantra for way too long and you’re excited to try something different.
  • You’re done with the cookie-cutter meal plans, one-size-fits-all exercise routines, and across the board approach that every other coach out there is peddling.
  • You know you need hands-on guided instruction, real-time coaching support, aren’t yet ready to invest in high ticket coaching, but still want an incredible result.
  • You’re finally ready to hop off the diet rollercoaster once and for all, say goodbye to restriction forever, and take back control over your results on your terms.

Losing fat is simple science…but it’s not always easy action.
While macro science can work for anyone, not everyone is a perfect fit for Metabolic Fix LIVE.

Who is Metabolic Fix not for?

  • Women who want ‘microwave-style’ results…this is NOT a quick fix fad diet.
  • Women who are unwilling to: trust the process, give an honest effort, or deal with personal mindset issues around diet and exercise.
  • Women who do not have an open mind, do not like guided instruction, and prefer to ‘go it alone’.
  • Women who do not want long-lasting change, a streamlined success system, or the support of an incredible community and dedicated coaches.
  • Women who cannot envision themselves happy and healthy…our team believes in the potential of EVERY woman, but true change only starts when you believe in your own potential too.


Join Today for One Payment of Only $497
Join Today for Two Payments of Only $255
Secure Your Spot Today (No Obligation)!

I know what you might be thinking... 

I’ve done diets before…they just don’t work.

What Metabolic Fix LIVE teaches is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle. The reason this system works is that it is designed around your real needs and your actual life. This isn’t some randomized ‘get slim quick’ scheme.  This is a proven system that you customize so that you get incredible results for life.

I’ve spent so much money on diets already, how do I know this is the one for me?

Because in Metabolic Fix LIVE, you control the program. Unlike popular diets that provide set calories, set macros, or set meal plans, Metabolic Fix LIVE offers customized nutrition and fitness support, plus a comprehensive framework for building a system that you actually create for yourself. You learn the science and reasoning behind what you’re doing AND you learn how to make changes along the way as you progress.  Plus with live coaching from me, you’ll have step-by-step guidance along the way!

I have very specific food likes and dislikes…will I have to eat foods I hate?

Absolutely not! The reason macro nutrition and the Metabolic Fix system work is because you do not have to cut out foods you love or force yourself to eat foods you hate. Real, sustainable results are all about nourishing yourself and moving your body in ways that make sense to you, feel good, and can be maintained. Most people will not do things that cause excess frustration or discomfort if they can help it. Diet and exercise included. Metabolic Fix LIVE is all about finding your own unique balance so you can get and maintain your results for life!

So, Ashley, what’s the investment?

Get our 8-week comprehensive digital course, weekly trainings, LIVE Q&A sessions, 8 weeks of workouts, access to the enhanced Macro Blueprint System, sample meal plans, recipes, private Facebook group, challenges, self-assessments, resources, support, bonus content and so much more!

JUST $497!
Secure Your Spot Today (No Obligation)!

Stop wasting precious time and money on fad diets, ‘miracle’ foods, and ridiculous supplements that DO NOT WORK. Metabolic Fix LIVE will teach you everything you need to know about creating your own personalized nutrition and exercise plan so that you can lose fat now and keep it off for good! It’s time to invest in a solution that works for you, for life. Join us today!

We Begin Monday, SEPTEMBER 27th!!

Enrollment closes Sunday, September 26th at midnight!  Spaces are limited so make sure to secure your spot now!









What Clients are saying about Metabolic Fix LIVE!

Beautiful, let me just say this...

You are NOT a failure. You CAN get real results that are sustainable and last a lifetime. It is 100% possible for you to become stronger, fitter, and healthier without restricting your diet or spending hours in the gym every day.

Feeling comfortable, confident, and full of vitality IS what you deserve, and it truly is within your reach. I give you permission, right now, to walk away from diet culture and step into a world where your dreams can be your reality. 

There is a better way, and I would be honored to guide you on your journey. Will you take the next step with me?

Your time is now. I believe in you. Let’s do this.



Join Today for One Payment of Only $497
Join Today for Two Payments of Only $255
Secure Your Spot Today (No Obligation)!

Frequently Asked Questions


When do we begin?

Metabolic Fix LIVE begins on Monday, September 27th, 2021 and ends Sunday, November 21st, 2021. 

Tell me more about the Macro Blueprint. What makes it so special?

The Macro Blueprint is our pride and joy! It’s an online macro calculator that uses our own proprietary algorithms to calculate your personal caloric targets for optimal weight-loss. It’s newly improved too so you can even add in goal weight, auto-calculated recommendations for calorie deficit, protein, carb, and fat targets, and it even auto-calculates your carb cycle days using the M3 Method. This tool is seriously incredible and will make getting accurate macro counts perfectly painless. 

What happens after I pay?

After you complete your purchase you will receive a confirmation email letting you know your spot is saved for the upcoming program.  As our September 27th start date approaches you will receive a link to get your access to our digital course which will serve as your guide over the eight-weeks.  You will be able to explore some intro content in advance of September 27th, but the modules will release each week as we progress through the program.  Also, when we dive into Week 1 you will receive a link to access our premium workout app where you will find all of your amazing workouts over the next eight-weeks.  You will also receive a link to request access to our private Facebook group program where you can connect with other members, our amazing co-coaches, and me!

I’m vegetarian, can I do this too?

Definitely! Macros work for most eating styles. From vegetarian to vegan, pescatarian, religious-based programs, and more. Macros do not however support a ketogenic diet because carbs ARE a necessary part of your daily intake.

What does a full year of access mean after the course ends?

Great question, the live course is 8-weeks of live coaching, and access to my premium workout app, but after the 8-week program ends you’ll still have access to the digital course and everything included inside the course. If you would like to continue to have access to the workout app and have coaching, you will have options to continue on with one of our other amazing programs!

I’m currently nursing, can I still participate?

For sure. Nursing women have special nutritional needs so it will be important to include this information upon registration and while using the Macro Blueprint calculator. It is possible to get great fat loss and health results while nursing your little one. Macros helped me birth and nourish two beautiful little girls all while reaching my goals…they can do the same for you!

I have THIS MEDICAL CONDITION, can you help me?

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, it is important to get cleared by your doctor before participating in any health and fitness program.  Once your doctor gives the green light, you are safe to join!  If you feel like you may need one-on-one coaching to best navigate a cleared medical condition, I encourage you to apply for my Private Coaching option HERE

I only have 10 pounds to lose, is this a good fit?

If I had a dime for every woman I’ve worked with who has just 5-10 pounds to lose, I’d have a whole lot of dimes! Of course, this is a great fit for you. Oftentimes it’s those last stubborn pounds that are the hardest to drop. Our program can help you shed those stubborn pounds and inches and you’ll learn exactly how to keep them from coming back, too!

I am not ready to invest in 1:1 coaching yet, can I still get a great result?

Definitely! And that’s the entire point of Metabolic Fix LIVE. My high-access 1:1 fat loss coaching clients invest thousands of dollars over the course of 6-12 months to get the kind of support and guidance they need to get the results they deserve. Inside Metabolic Fix LIVE you get all my trainings, tools, and resources, access to my enhanced Macro Blueprint system, weekly trainings, LIVE Q&A sessions with me, plus real-time LIVE coaching support inside our exclusive online group forum. This is the most cost-effective way to work with me and it’s the only LIVE experience you can get your hands on without joining my 1:1 coaching program.

If I don’t lose weight will I get my money back?

Great question…especially if you’ve ‘been here before’ when it comes to weight loss programs. While we are confident that the systems within Metabolic Fix LIVE really do work (just ask the hundreds of women we’ve worked with over the years) we do not make any guarantees. Fat loss is dependent upon numerous factors, some beyond the control of any individual or coach. In addition, due to the digital nature of the content, we also cannot offer refunds. We will however be happy to address any weight loss concerns that may come up during the program.