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nutrition May 31, 2021

In my last blog post, we chatted all about your BMR and why it's so important to eat over your BMR for sustainable weight loss, and why crash diets don't work for lasting results. 

Today we are going to chat about your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure). 

TDEE DEFINED: Your TDEE is  the total number of calories you would need to consume to maintain your current weight.

Your TDEE is the number of  calories you should be able to consume and maintain your current weight.

Let's say your TDEE is 1,900 calories. This would  mean that you should be able to consume 1,900 calories, every single day, and not gain or lose weight. 

If you have metabolic damage and have been chronically under-eating or eating under your BMR you may not be able to eat anywhere close to your TDEE without gaining weight. 

If you can not eat anywhere near your TDEE without gaining weight this is also a sign of metabolic damage. 

This means your body is not in a position to burn body fat, and you could be working out every single day, eating 1,200 calories or less and still struggling to see results. 

Also, your thyroid and other fat loss hormones  are going to start down-regulating, and this is going to prime your body for fat storage.

This is exactly what you don't want. 

In situations like this, you may start to notice your energy is decreasing and your cravings increasing. 

You may be able to willpower through for a couple of days, but eventually your willpower burns out and this is why you may feel like you’re always starting over on Mondays. 

If you feel like this is you, it's time to start getting strategic about increasing your calories to reverse your metabolic damage. The best part is that with a balanced and customized plan, your metabolism can heal and up-regulate. 

There is a right and wrong way to lose weight, and the dieting industry has taught us the wrong way to lose weight. Let Metabolic Fix teach you the RIGHT way to sustainably reach your goals. 

P.S. If you aren’t sure what your TDEE is please feel free to use my free metabolic damage and BMR quiz to determine your TDEE.

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