Sarah P.

results Sep 05, 2022

What made you decide to start my 1:1 coaching program?

I followed Ashley on social media for quite some time. I was always intrigued – especially when she would say “you do not have to spend HOURS doing cardio”. At the current time, I was spending hours each week from OrangeTheory workouts – it was such a huge time commitment by the time I drove out there and did the hour long workout. Not to mention I was completely exhausted after each workout. One day I decided to reach out to Ashely – best decision ever!

What is one specific feature you like most about my 1:1 coaching program?

My favorite is how Ashley completely customized the workouts to my lifestyle. She has really helped give me the right tools to succeed. It’s not all or nothing – or have to completely eliminate something from your diet. Our family travels a lot and she reminded me it is part of my lifestyle. Her customization and flexibility has been a huge part of my success.

What are some of the successes you’ve had since you started working with me?

I feel like I was doing a lot of the right things and had a lot of the key pieces but I needed her to tie them all together and build the puzzle for me to be successful. I was drinking a lot of water, getting enough sleep, my protein intake was high, I was exercising multiple days a week. Ashley truly helped me dial all of this together the correct way in order for me to be successful and see results. Over the past 6 months, I have increased my food intake and decreased the amount of cardio. I have lost inches and weight and overall I feel SO healthy.

Would you recommend this program to someone else?

I would definitely recommend this program and working with Ashley. It is an investment and the complete package for your overall health and nutrition. I would always use the excuse of getting older and my metabolism slowing down for not being able to gain muscle or lose weight. She has helped me so much! She is extremely knowledgeable, great with communicating, and wonderful at keeping you focused and motivated.

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