Motivation is B.S.

mindset Mar 26, 2021

Read this if you’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed lately!

I have coached 1,000’s of women over the last decade, and my clients that are most successful at reaching their goals are the ones that trust the process and approach weight loss like a marathon and not a sprint.⁣

The urgency to do it all right now will leave you exhausted and overwhelmed after your motivation starts to wear off.⁣

You may even feel like you're drowning because you're trying to do so much at once!⁣😩

The pressure to track your food and hit your macros, workout daily, get in all your steps, drink your water, food prep, and set a new PR for every workout isn't realistic or sustainable. ⁣

Breaking down old habits and building new ones doesn't happen overnight.⁣

If you're in panic mode and feel an urgency to do everything today, you're not alone.⁣

It's normal to think you need to go from zero to 100%.⁣

A good coach would tell you that you should show yourself some grace, and that you don't have to do all the things at once to be successful.⁣

If you've reached a point in your journey and you're really ready to change, that is amazing.⁣

The urgency to do it all will leave you overwhelmed and exhausted.

Sustainable weight loss takes time and dedication, so for you to reach your goal, you will need to pace yourself.⁣

Instead of focusing on the 100 things at once, double down on 1-2 small daily actions you can repeat daily.⁣

Once you start to feel like those goals are doable, build onto them. ⁣

What are 1-2 things you can do right now that will push you in the right direction? ⁣

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