Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

mindset Mar 26, 2021

Confession: I used to hate the mirrors in my house.⁣

Oh, and I really hated the floor-to-ceiling mirrors. ⁣They would show it ALL!

When I was OBSESSED with the scale, OBSESSED with my food, and OBSESSED with my workouts, I would pick my body apart every time I looked in the mirror.⁣

I was never good enough, no matter how much I weighed.

When I started dieting to lose body fat, I used to tell myself that I would be happier when I got leaner and hit X weight.⁣

I thought I'd be suddenly happier at 115 pounds, but I wasn't, so I wanted to get 110 pounds.

Well, I wasn't happier when I reached 110 pounds and had 10% body fat, so I lost even more weight.⁣🤦‍♀️

I would look in the mirror at 115 pounds, 110 pounds, and 107 pounds and pick myself apart.⁣

I would stand in my bathroom and pinch and pick at my body. ⁣

I wasn't happy, confident, and honestly, I was obsessed, hungry, and sick and tired of being so obsessed all the time.⁣

The level of effort it took to maintain such a low weight and body fat made it not worth it.

Many of the women that enter my coaching program feel similar to this...but as we work together, we break through all of the 𝗕.𝗦. about weight loss and what it takes to lose those stubborn pounds/inches.⁣

In my program, MetabolicFix, most of my clients eat more and train less to accomplish their goals. My approach to fat loss is to focus on improving your metabolic and hormonal health. ⁣

When your hormones are balanced, and your metabolism is healthy, fat loss, and weight loss will occur.⁣

Starvation diets, scale obsession, working out hours a day isn't the right way to lose weight. This exhausting approach always ends at a dead-end road😢.

When I look in the mirror now, I'm at peace with my body. I don't obsess over the scale. 

I eat 2,400 calories a day and feel at peace with my food. After I started eating to fuel my body and following my #MetaboilcFix approach to working out, my body began to change.

The mirror isn't our enemy, and we aren't broken or failures. Diet programs are the problem, not the solution!

Let me know if you agree!!❤️

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