Katy B.

results Sep 05, 2022

My name is Katy. I am a 28-year-old mom of THREE! I have had four pregnancies and three babies in 4 years.

I lost and gained a flux of 75 pounds during those years, up, down, up, down – repeat.

It's safe to say my body was wrecked. I felt tired, hungry, moody, and physically like I couldn't keep up ALL OF THE TIME.

I work from home, plus I keep up with my 4yo and 2yo AND breastfeed my 6month old. My days are very busy, to say the least.

In June of 2020, I started working for Ashley as her assistant. In June of 2021, 2 months after my last baby, I decided it was time to take back control of my health.

I had half-heartedly tried to lose the extra weight after each previous pregnancy, but I couldn't do it. I didn't stick with any plan or stay consistent enough to see true results.

I decided to participate in Ashley's free challenges, use the tips that she shares daily, and the free workouts that she posts on her social accounts as a starting point.

I realized I had learned SO much over the past year just from Ashley's free content, that I felt confident to get started. I began doing her 15-minute workouts, going for daily walks, tracking my protein (only my protein), and making sure I was drinking PLENTY of water. Before I knew it, I was losing weight!

The biggest thing that changed for me was I realized I could still have my favorite things (hello chocolate ice cream) in moderation, without feeling guilty, or binging and then restricting calories to "make up for it." As my clothes fit looser, and my energy levels increased, I felt more and more empowered to keep going.

In the last 4 ½ months, I have lost 40 pounds and gone down three clothing sizes!

Ashley has changed my life, not because of how I look or how much weight I have lost, but because of how I feel! I can chase my kids, jump on the trampoline, play soccer with my son, and feel confident and strong.

I am forever grateful for the positive influence Ashley has had on my health.

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