If you’re experiencing these symptoms, you could have a hormonal imbalance

Jul 24, 2021

“Are my hormones preventing me from losing stubborn pounds and inches?” ⁣

This is a question I get a few times a week, so I wanted to dedicate a post to this question‼️⁣

Answer: If you are struggling with an underlying hormonal imbalance, it will 100% impact your fat loss/weight loss, and can wreak havoc on other aspects of your life too.⁣

Not only do hormonal imbalances stall fat loss & weight loss, they also impact your mood, sleep, appetite, monthly cycle, libido, and energy levels throughout the day, and so much more!⁣

Common symptoms of a hormonal imbalance: 

  • Increased belly fat, even when you're eating right and working out consistently ⁣
  • Decreased muscle mass, and you may struggle to build muscle even though you're working out⁣
  • Chronic fatigue⁣
  • Intense sugar cravings, especially in the afternoon and evening ⁣
  •  Irregular periods: are you spotting, skipping cycles, experiencing long cycles, or haven't had a cycle for months? ⁣
  • Do you have a low libido, has your sex drive diminished considerably? ⁣
  •  Insomnia: do you struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep throughout the night?
  • Low energy: Do you experience low energy upon waking up and need caffeine to get going? ⁣
  •  Hair loss or body changes: Are you experiencing unexplained hair loss or other strange changes? ⁣

Don’t worry. Hormonal imbalances typically aren’t permanent and can often be remedied with a few intentional yet simple practices!

Your treatment plan: 

  •  Work with a health coach, hormone expert, or Holistic doctor 1:1 to ensure nothing is getting overlooked and your nutrition, workout, supplements, and lifestyle plan is customized to fit your hormonal needs and goals.⁣
  • Stop the crash dieting ASAP! Quick fixes will always leave you starting over and can make the hormonal issues worse!
  •  Stop doing steady state cardio and replace it  with more restorative exercises like yoga or walking,  and functional strength training.⁣
  •  Stop focusing on how much you're eating and start focusing on what you're eating to help with hormonal balance. ⁣

Once you start making  the above changes, you will begin to feel good again. When it truly comes down to it, the real reason we want to lose stubborn pounds is that we want to feel good.⁣

Most of us are chasing a feeling, more than a number!

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