Have you established your WHY?

Jun 16, 2021

When most people think about losing weight, they focus on their nutrition plan, the workout program, but just isolating those two things isn’t enough to give you a complete transformation. Sure, you need to have a healthy diet, and a consistent exercise program to see success, but many programs lack one of the most important components. 

Your mindset. 

Your mindset is equally important as the nutrition and fitness components, and will greatly impact your results. 

To successfully reach your goals, pause before starting that nutrition and fitness plan, and write down your WHY. 

What are the real reasons you want to lose weight or get healthier? 

Do you want to have a better quality of life? 

Are you worried if something doesn't change with your health, you may not keep up with your kids? 

Is your low energy levels impacting your day-to-day life? 

Are you sick of yo-yo dieting, and having an all or nothing mindset? 

If you've been losing and gaining the same 10 or 20 pounds, yo-yo dieting for many years, emotional eating, and struggle with the ALL or NOTHING mindset, tackling the mindset component and establishing your why will help you be successful and see lasting results. 

Success is not an accident; it's a choice. People are not successful because they are lucky; they are successful because they've chosen to go all-in.

If you want to be successful, motivation is going to come and go. Your determination and the genuine desire to improve are what's going to help you accomplish your goals. 

Years ago, I was motivated by external factors like looking lean and fit. As I've grown along my health and fitness journey, I find my 'why' has become less superficial. 

My true motivation for taking care of myself is to be an amazing mom, wife, business owner, and inspiration to other incredible women looking to improve their health. 

You see, the "why" part will vary from person to person, and your why is genuinely unique to you.  As you are writing out your WHY, try to make it as meaningful as possible, and go deeper than the superficial goals because it will keep you motivated when times get challenging.

When you find yourself struggling or going through a plateau come back and read your why statement as a reminder. When you feel like giving up, always remember why you started! 





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